Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Memorial Portraits of Iris

Iris 1950's, (Edition of 50) 2016. Ilmenite and acrylic on paper, 3 x 5 inches
My mother died in April. 

To thank people who came to her memorial, I created an edition of stenciled portraits, drawn from a photo-booth picture of her in her late 20's.  This image suggests revolutionary cafes and poetry slams, and a woman I did not know. She existed before I came - before she brought me - to this earth.  

This is the most glamorous, unknown version of her, in my eyes, showing the spirit within her before she set off for the Caribbean and met my dad. I identify with this earlier adventuress because although the spirit remained, she became, of course, my mother and a more practical person.  
Iris 1950's (2/50), 2016. Ilmenite and acrylic on paper, 3 x 5 inches 

The edition uses powdered iron ore, its blackness fitting the occasion. It looks very like her ashes. The grains separate in places, emphasizing the figure's lack of solidity. 

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