Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer time

Semester is over and I've been getting through some less popular items lurking in my TO DO list. Finally got some of them out of the way and researching for my next studio immersion. Reading "The invention of capitalism" and "Insatiable is not sustainable". After all, I am heavily into manufactured products, and determinedly against the assumptions inherent in the system so it makes sense. Its all quite fascinating.

Also, coming up is an exhibition of my incarcerated students' artwork from the Spring Semester. It will be at the Ramsey Library, UNCA, reception 30 June, 6 pm. Show to run through August 6th or so. Some interesting discoveries recently in terms of alternative art - speaking of systems. Check out www.cellblockvisions.com for some self-taught art, or outsider art in a big way. In my class I found I was trying to balance reward for self expression with that for completion of course requirements, not always easy, nor easy to justify to fellow students, even in less close quarters. Instructing someone how to "draw correctly" can feel like a tyrannical imposition. Wish there was more time to explore other avenues. It has been quite an experience.

Other things that have come out of the experience... finding these programs : www.lionheart.org (watch the video clip, or look at the prison program) and the related documentary at www.dhammabrothers.com . Not sure where my activities are going, or even my ultimate part in it, but I will use the art shows to raise awareness of people living in another world. One in every 100 Americans is incarcerated, apparently...the highest per capita on the planet. Maybe its just me who hasn't been aware of it!