Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deskilled Drawing

Just installed a small exhibition at the fabulous Visual Arts Center of New Jersey in Summit, NJ.

Curator Mary Birmingham and Exhibitions Manager Katie Murdock along with the staff at the center went out of their way to help and support the installation process.

Studio X gallery now holds my show "Heather Lewis, deskilled drawing" which runs October 7 - December 11, with an opening reception October 14.

The mural is a painted shadow -
echoing an interactive installation in the gallery itself.

Objects from a kitchen drawer (interactive model), 2011

As the stairwell is flooded with daylight normally, I had to test the idea out at night. Before painting the mural I took some photos of the original projection, getting a fresh sense of it from a distance, and as it was reflected in the large glass windows.

It took quite a while to get the right objects positioned in the image... I wanted the items AND the distortion to make sense. It worked best with some objects running the whole length from small to crazily enlarged. I ended up wearing my sunglasses while working at the projector tray...!

In the hallway below I have framed drawings made with brake grindings, and drawings of folded industrial mesh and sacking using oil paint.