Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Installing at the Hunter College/Times Square Gallery

Drawing (elements), 2010, (in progress) granular rutile. (photo courtesy of Claudia Bueno's husband)

The rich red purple color of granular rutile sort of shows here, in contrast with the blackness of the ilmenite in the last post. Looks good on the grey floor. What struck me as I worked on this was the absolute sense of flatness, of a thin skin held down by gravity. And that's all that holds it... a few repairs have been necessary. Air from the heating vents, a scuff at the edges and a small boy walking into it for several feet. Phi said he'd had to fix it already. Part of the deal, its fragility so letting it go, having it be altered is a given.

At the opening people asked if it was spray paint, and whether it was a mandala. Amongst other things. Some likened it to a view into space because of the sparkles. I started to think of it as the surface of a lily pond that you could also slightly see beneath. The cooktop elements made me think of ripples from falling rain or something, the smaller shapes at the edges flotsam washed to shore. I wish I could make another 12 of them, all different! I'd use other rationales to construct its patterning if I was able to sweep it up and do it again.