Friday, May 6, 2011

new work

Catalog (upholstered armchair), 2011. 2/3 (detail)
16 x 15 inches

New work on show at the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte includes a series called "Catalog" which is a 10 foot x 42 inch Mylar hanging with 17 smaller mylar "drawings" of chairs taped to it. I am creating each of the small drawings in editions, and these two are now framed in my studio.

Catalog (stacking chair), 2011. 3/10
6 x 5 inches

These drawings are stencils created by tracing (cutting) selected visual information found in a promotional image of the chair - a magazine or sales material.

The cuts show up nicely alone, but when they are behind another sheet of Mylar they have a 3D effect. The images change as the light changes. You'd hang these like stained glass, so that light would be behind them.