Friday, April 22, 2011

It was happening at Hatchfest

April 15th I was in Charlotte opening the McColl Art Center show, and Carlton took this installation to the YMI Hatch party - where it was really popular. It was meant to be writ large in Pack Place Park with 2 projectors, a coin-meter and other niceties, but was rained off.

This installation is called "Found objects" and is an interactive spin-off of a previous work called "Objects from a kitchen drawer" 2009/2011, now on show in Charlotte and pictured on my main website.

So, a success! Carlton says people were taking bits off their phone, taking their high heels off, rolling up bits of tissue to make lettering... and really expressing themselves by creating their own images. Very rewarding - wish I could have been there!

Little disappointed that the installation isn't credited anywhere but with all that was going on that night - that week! - it is amazing that it happened at all. At least we tried it out and discovered it was a big hit.

Carlton, who set up the projector in the YMI was working on a client's computer way out in the sticks til about 7 pm, and had to get back to Asheville to grab what he could for the show. He did a great job - the above photos are some of his, he took them with his phone until the battery ran out. That's what I call dedication!

Photos of the Hatch YMI event overall (including this installation) can also be bought at photographer Camilla Calnan's site here....

And this photo below appeared in the Mountain Xpress this week, taken by Timothy Meinch.

Looks like we'll have to do it again!

More on Charlotte solo show when I get photos. No time for those at the opening reception for that, needless to say...