Sunday, March 25, 2012

Study for installation

Study for "Small chair (large shadow)"

Responding to Vincent's painting of his bedroom. In my work the harsh light from a bare bulb near the floor forms a shadow image that is much larger than the chair itself. I will be recreating the huge shadow in paint, which allows the effect to remain visible after the light has been switched off. These elements can be seen as metaphors for Vincent's unorthodox vision, his struggles in life, and the creation of work that has had such an impact after his death.

Why a shadow? I say a shadow can be seen as a drawing according to traditional criteria in that it translates a 3D situation into 2D format, using edges, value, and perspective.

The chair I have used is Asheville craftsman Brian Boggs' first chair - hand made almost 30 years ago at the start of his career. Though not as close in design to Vincent's rustic chairs as some commercially available styles, it feels closer in spirit. The chair has been generously loaned by the Boggs Collective.